Joint Venture - Marla & Moshe

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Paleo Hebrew pieces, designed by the artist, Marla Jean Clinesmith and created by Moshe Ozery.

My interest in the Ancient Hebrew has really only begun and came from the teachings of my pastor, Jim Woodard, who rather divinely stumbled onto the subject.  Together with his wife, Claudia, and my husband, Trent, we formed Hebrew Word Pics with the purpose of introducing Ancient Hebrew pictographs, knowing how effectively they enhance a person’s understanding of the Word.  Pastor Jim has written books; and I have created art illustrating some of these “word pictures.”

This past year we had a divine appointment with Moshe in Dallas and loved his exquisite Hebrew jewelry designs.  Pastor Jim was quick to see that jewelry depicting Ancient Hebrew Biblical words might be something that people would enjoy wearing, but could also use its uniqueness to share their faith.  After processing the idea, Moshe replied to us that he felt like this was something “our Father” would like for him to do.  Over the past few months Moshe and I have collaborated on A’Hav Jewelry.  A’Hav in the Ancient Hebrew means to “reveal the Father” which is exactly what we hope to achieve through this collection.

I am so honored to have a jeweler of Moshe’s caliber pray over and craft my designs!  When I see the finished creation, I am amazed at how Moshe grasps exactly what I had in my mind for the piece.  Each design is accompanied by a breakdown of the meaning of each letter and the meaning of the word from the ancient perspective so that the viewer can link the meaning of the word to the jewelry.   I truly believe the Lord has brought together our hearts and giftings to create jewelry that you, our customers, can enjoy wearing and use to ‘reveal the Father’ to those you meet!   

—Marla Jean Clinesmith—

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