About Moshe Ozery

Moshe Ozery, jewelry designer, was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel where he also spent most of his adult years. Moshe’s mom, a descendant of Jews expelled from Spain at the end of the 15 century, was born to a Jewish family in Turkey and moved to Israel in the late 1940s, following an increase in antisemitism. Moshe’s father was born in Israel to parents who immigrated from Yemen at the beginning of the 20th century for religious reasons. Moshe has seven brothers and sisters. 

Moshe attended Chabbad’s orthodox Jewish day school and a comprehensive high school. He served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in the Paratroopers Brigade for three years (mandatory service) and for additional 21 years in the Reserve Service. During his military service, Moshe participated in the Lebanon War of 1982, called Operation Peace for Galilee, and in several other missions to protect his country.

Moshe attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem majoring in Hebrew Literature and The History of The Jewish People. To finance his academic studies, Moshe worked as a waiter and conducted Bible studies for incarcerated women.

Moshe met his wife, Daphna, an Israeli native (Sabra), at the Hebrew University. She is a descendant of Holocaust survivors. Her father’s family was wiped out almost completely by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Currently, Daphna is completing her Phd in Psychology and teaches at a local public university.

Yemenite Jewish Immigrants arrived to the Land of Israel after thousands of years in exile. They brought with them an ancient tradition of the art of jewelry crafting. To this day, their special craft can be seen all over Israel. Moshe, a decedent of these craftsmen, acquired his skills as a jewelry designer by working closely with some of these prominent craftsmen and by watching their work. Most of the pieces designed by Yemenite Jewish jewelers are based on verses from the Torah. Moshe’s designs are greatly influenced by the Bible and by Judaism. In the last decade, Moshe has been selling his unique pieces all around the United States. He is a regular participant in events and shows organized by the Jewish and the Christian communities around the nation. Moshe's greatest challenge and joy is to make personalized pieces, working closely with the client, and tailoring the product to their vision.